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LinkOEM - Module card

by iButtonLink


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The LinkOEM module will allow you to integrate the functionality of the iButtonLink Link12 or Link45 into your product as a 24 pin, 0.600 inch spacing Dual Inline Pin (DIP), converting TTL input signals to ASCII output.

The LinkOEM Module is an advanced, intelligent serial interface to be used with Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire® and iButton® components. It uses superior digital and analog methods to perform more reliable operations on a wide variety of network topologies. It also offers functions that can simplify network communications and offers some diagnostic tools.

The Link is designed to operate reliably on long and short 1-Wire® busses. This is done by a special analog interface design that uses matched impedances and slew rate controls, as well as smart cable pre-charge. In addition, the programming (firmware) is adaptive and makes adjustments for a variety of network parameters automatically.

For more information on this product, please visit the LinkOEM manual

The Link was designed in cooperation with Dallas Semiconductor Corp, the manufacturer of the 1-Wire® and iButton® devices and various accessories.

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