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LinkTH - Temp/Humidity Reader

by iButtonLink


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The LinkTH is a more intelligent 1-Wire® adaptor designed for getting data out of the sensor network rather than just manipulating the 1-Wire® network. Previous 1-Wire® interfaces, such as the Dallas DS9097U, required an intimate knowledge of the 1-Wire® protocol as well as the protocol of the sensors you want to address to get any useful data. With the LinkTH, you can just ask it to report or set it to report at an interval. 

The LinkTH uses the same hardware as the Link12 and Link45, as well as the same low-level software for dealing with large, complex 1-Wire® networks. However, the LinkTH uses a simpler command set that makes direct use of the LinkTH protocol and speeds application development for those who do not want to write their own software.

Please consult the LinkTH manual for more information on this product.

This product is RoHS compliant.

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