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LinkUSBi - 1-Wire USB Interface

by iButtonLink


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The difference between LinkUSB and LinkUSBi is the addition of a DS2401 ID chip with a unique 64-bit address in the LinkUSBi.

LinkUSBi is an advanced, intelligent USB 2.0 with full-speed 1-Wire® interface. Using superior digital and analog methods, it can accomplish more reliable operations on a variety of network communications, as well as some diagnostic tools.

The LinkUSBi is designed to operate reliably on long or short 1-Wire® busses. It has a special analog interface designed to match impedances, slew rate controls, and smart cable pre-charge.

The LinkUSBi is a major enhancement to the 1-Wire® world. It has the same strong drivers as the Link45 (tested to 1000 ft on cat 5 cable with one sensor attached), the power advantage of the USB serial bus, the integrity of injection molding, and a very competitive price. The 1 foot cable eliminates the strain point between the LinkUSB’s electronics and the USB connector, a problem that continues to plague the DS9490R. Learn more about this product in the the Link Family Manual.

The LinkUSBi works great with 1-Wire® Viewer, the free 1-Wire® viewing and logging application from Maxim that used the DS9097U emulation mode. If you have any problems getting 1-Wire® Viewer to work, visit the 1-Wire® Viewer User's Guide. 

The LinkUSBi uses drivers from FTDI and Maxim Integrated.

This product is RoHS compliant.

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