Rapid Deployment Dock | 32 Port Bulk iButton Interface

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Streamline your Thermochron and Hygrochron iButton programming with the iButtonLink Rapid Deployment Dock.

Experience unparalleled ease and speed in bulk iButton programming with our innovative Rapid Deployment Dock. Designed with in-depth iButton expertise, this platform is perfect for applications requiring efficient configuration and data management from multiple Thermochron and Hygrochron iButtons.

Key Features:

  • Serious Speed: Rapidly program and download data from up to 32 iButtons faster than any device on the market. 
  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with iButtonLink's ExactLog software. Currently, ExactLog is the only compatible software for use with the Rapid Deployment Dock.
  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive setup ensures rapid iButton deployment right out of the box.
  • Instant feedback: Each port in the Rapid Deployment Dock features snap-in read heads with individual status LEDs.
  • Easy Connectivity: Seamlessly connects to your PC via the RD Controller device using a USB port.

Visual Guide and Resources:

  • Visit our Rapid Deployment Dock Resource Page for a comprehensive setup guide.

Why Choose the Rapid Deployment Dock?

  • Simplifies complex tasks with user-friendly functionality.
  • Speeds up your iButton programming and download process instantly.
  • Backed by iButtonLink's full warranty and dedicated customer support.


Join countless satisfied customers in optimizing your iButton deployment process.


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