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T-Probe Stripped Ends 40 ft

by iButtonLink


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This T-Probe variation contains the typical DS18B20 and runs off of parasitic power with two wire connections: one for both power and data and the other for grounding. The 40 ft. cable used for this product comes in an 18-gauge with stripped ends, making it ideal for unique applications and custom connectors.

The cable is insulated with PVC that has a temperature range of up to +60⁰ Celsius*. The sensor has a temperature range of -55⁰C to +125⁰C that is supported by the molding media.

The joint between the cable and the sensor is molded in a low-temperature thermoplastic. The head of the sensor is left exposed which allows for quick and accurate temperature readings.

Here is a full spec sheet including temperature response and settling times for the DS18B20.

This product is RoHS compliant.

*Please contact us if a high temperature cable is needed. 

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