T-Probe-Pipe Temperature Probe

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Temperature sensor designed to measure the surface temperature of pipes.

The T-Probe-Pipe has a special mold form designed to measure the surface temperature of pipes. One side is flat with the DS18B20 sensor exposed, while the other side is rounded with a groove molded into it to help keep a physical clamp or zip tie in place, allowing for the sensor to be held securely and in direct contact with the pipe.

The two wires coming from the sensor are ground and data. The AUX line is tied to ground internally, creating a parasitic-only device. The two-conductor 18-gauge wire and 24-inch cable comes with exposed, stripped ends that can accommodate any wire nuts or connectors. The user can also shorten or extend the cable to the needed length. Normal 1-Wire® criteria, such as available power, bus weight, RFI, etc., will determine the maximum length of the cable.

iButtonLink molded products use OM633 as their media. The cable is insulated using PVC with a temperature range of up to +60°C. The full temperature range of the sensor is -55°C to +125°C and is supported by the molding media. The T-Probe Pipe has been rated IPx6/IPx7

High-temperature cable is available as a special order. Please contact the factory for details.

Temperature response and settling times, as well as the full spec sheet on the DS18B20 can be found in Appendix One of the T-Sense manual.

Unsure how to use this device? See our T-Sense How-To for help! 

This product is RoHS compliant.

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