Picture Credit: Sara Raimo, NSF

Dubbed “The Sensor Revolution” by the NSF (National Science Foundation) our industry is at the top of the game when it comes to changing the way we think of, interact with, and perceive the world. 

In the 1980’s the world saw a huge change as the PC revolution put computing at our fingertips instead of long and lengthy punchcards you always hear the old folks (sorry boss, but it is what it is) talking about.

Then something new came into play in the ‘90s when the Internet broke the laws of communication and unbound communication came into existence.

Now that we’ve been playing around in this new world for a while, it’s time for the next revolution.

We’ve been using this unbound communication platform for creating content, context, agreements, arguments, virtual social worlds, economic profit, stability, transportation systems, the spread of democracy, and create a true civil meaning for the term civilization.  However, there’s one thing we looked over when we were having all our fun using, creating, and learning new ways to communicate that has caused crucial instabilities.  The human population has exploded and there is not a single way that we can argue with the ramifications of this.  Sure we can turn a blind eye by looking at only the facts that support our blind acquisition of reality, but that’s not going to be a very fun thing for your kids to deal with later.

This is where iButtonLink and the sensor industry come into play.

By creating products that connect our binary world to the physical world we can effectively create a nervous system for a planet, our planet, the place we call… home.

As the old idea of the Internet makes its shift into the IoT (Internet of Things) it’s vital for us to utilize this infrastructure correctly.  This is where “The Sensor Revolution” begins.

With such a broad ranging product, I’m sure you might be wondering what industry iButtonLink can facilitate? To begin here’s a small list of the places our products can and have been used:

Fire Danger in Remote Forests
Transportation Logistics
Cold Storage - Containers & Truck Trailers
Internal Animal Monitoring (yes, it’s been done & probably more then you think)
Individual Product Monitoring - both In & Out of Transit 
Building and Warehouse Monitoring
Research - Applications for both Lab & Field
Security Access & Control
Manufacturing Plants
Process Control
IBM Data Center Monitoring and Control
Power Generation Plants
Testing and Measurement Instrumentation
Infrastructure Monitoring
Medical Device and Product Monitoring
HVAC System Monitoring and Automation

and to add to the lineup…

iButtonLink’s Flexible Manufacturing Facility can crate a Custom Sensor Solution that’s right for you.

Feel free to browse our available product line or contact us to hear more about how our sensors will be the right fit for your need.

Go ahead and give us a challenge, see how iButtonLink can resolve your Sensor Solution!

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