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iButtonLink supports the transportation industry with thousands of driver identification and temperature monitoring solutions for international freight transportation on land, sea and air. iButtonLink 1-Wire® sensor and driver identification products have been proven to work with industry standard radio solutions. The iButtonLink certification program for transportation radios provides a seamless experience for integrators.

Transportation radio solutions used in the transportation industry, such as CalAmp radios (Table 1), support a limited number of 1-Wire® sensors focused on driver identification and temperature monitoring. iButtonLink enhanced the sensing possibilities with a new temperature sensor line for other key environmental variables including light, humidity, water leak detection, air flow, and door open/close that emulate the commonly used temperature sensor for 1-Wire® compatible radios. The introduction of the new temperature sensor emulations by iButtonLink will increase sensing possibilities for radio solutions in the market today, without the need for new or additional hardware. Below are the details of iButtonLink products and services for the Transportation industry. 

iButtonLink also provides services to make driver identification easier, including insertion of industry standard DS1990A iButtons® into Fobs and DS1990A electronic serial number scans. iButtonLink temperature probes can be certified at specific temperature points by ISO 17025 certified partners with certificates tailored to your needs.

iButtonLink Product Integrations

T-Probe with Molex connector next to a quarter and a Euro to show size

 1-Wire Temperature Sensors 

Many transportation industry radios carry 1-Wire® ports to support temperature readings. The DS18B20 temperature sensor that is molded into iButtonLink T-Probes and T-Sense products are easily integratable into current transportation radio solutions. iButtonLink 1-Wire® temperature sensors can easily plug into the existing 1-Wire® ports on compatible radios  (Table 1). These durable temperature sensors have OM633 macromelt molding, able to withstand many environmental factors including rain, dirt and heat. 

The T-Probe line offers several connection options, including Molex, RJ-45, and stripped ends, allowing for easy integration with most transportation radio solutions. 

iButtonLink T-Probes can be easily customized, including length and calibration. Currently, T-Probe offerings are in 10 feet, 20 feet and 25 feet length, but customers can request special sizing if the minimum order size is met. T-Probe Molex Connector and T-Probe Stripped Ends are available in both 25 ft and 40 ft lengths. iButtonLink temperature sensors are also easily calibrated using ISO 17025 certified partners with certificates. For more information on customization or calibration, please contact

Sensor Emulation

The DS18B20 temperature sensor that is molded into iButtonLink T-Probes and T-Sense products now has further sensing abilities developed exclusively by iButtonLink. Using the DS18B20 sensor, the temperature data is taken in and emulated to produce other environmental data. These additional environmental reading options require no additional software or hardware. 

The new sensing emulations for iButtonLink T-Probes and T-Sense are integral for various environmental/situational needs. The sensing of humidity and detection of water can help reduce the spoiling of food products or sensitive medications. Counter options on the door open/close can help carrier managers track their carriers productivity on the road. And the various light and air detection sensing can ensure products are safe and secure during delivery. Other sensing options may be available. For requests or customized products, please contact

Driver Identification Key 

 In addition to 1-Wire® temperature sensors, most industry standard radios support a ‘Driver Identification’ iButton, most commonly a DS1990A iButton®. The DS1990A has an electronic address that is unique to each iButton. The DS1990A is also a 1-Wire® device, speaking through one of the 1-Wire® ports included in many transportation radios (Table 1). The iButton is about the size of a dime, (Figure 1), and can be easily inserted into a Fob for handling on a keychain or holder.

Figure 1

iButtonLink has added services to help expedite processes for customers. Customers now have the option of pre-insertion services for iButtons and Fobs. The iButtonLink production team will carefully insert the DS1990A into a DS9093 Fob of the buyer’s choice for a small fee. This service can help alleviate tedious work inserting the iButtons into the Fob handlers, constructing a ready-to-go product.  iButtonLink will also scan and document electronic address numbers for buyers to keep as reference. These unique address numbers can be easily scanned and kept on a document file using an iButtonKeyboard, available from iButtonLink. For more information on iButtonLink services please contact

iButtonLink Supported Systems 

Certification Process

Integration of iButtonLink products into existing systems is important.  The iButtonLink team will test and certify in-house products on sample radios to confirm iButtonLink 1-Wire® products will sense and emulate as they do with the supported radios below (Table 1).  Many gateway radios that exist in the industry today have 1-Wire interface(s), and iButtonLink products can be tested to confirm compatibility.  For more information on how to certify your products and be included in the table below, please contact

Currently Supported Systems & Products 





Driver ID








 1-Wire iButton Reader

 Unique Electronic Address iButton

 DS18B20 1-Wire Temperature Probe

 HIH-4000 Humidity Sensor

 DS18B20 1-Wire Temperature Sensor Emulation


The transportation industry involves many moving pieces and people.  The tracking of this vital information while keeping products secure and intact is imperative for both carrier and client.  iButtonLink intends to enhance fleets and their products through easily manageable products with new sensing abilities unique to the market today.  For more information on iButtonLink products or services listed above, please contact us at or (262)-662-4029.