After deployment of sensors and software in over 4 million square feet of IBM data center worldwide iButtonLink helped reduce their energy costs by 12% annually.  This energy reduction was possible because of years of experience from the team at iButtonLink, including over 20 years of hands on experience in data centers worldwide.  iButtonLink has helped envision a data center environmental monitoring solution with many abilities to enhance and control sensitive data center facilities.  

How We Do It

With a flexible sensor design, innovative wireless products and IBM developed computational fluid dynamics, Measurement and Management Technology (MMT) enables end users full view of their data center floor with various thermal mapping tools.  The MMT solution can even enable automated ventilation systems to bring in various cooling powers.  This robust solution allows a full suite of environmental sensors to create a floor-to-ceiling 3D view of a data center floor.  This insight can shed light on critical spots on a data center floor and correct problems before they become irreversible damages to equipment or applications. 


Driven by IBM Research developed computational fluid dynamics, the MMT software has abilities to give data center managers insight into their environmental surroundings and even automate systems to keep applications reliable.  With 3D floor-to-ceiling views of data center floors managers can see critical areas and make changes with ease.  Cooling automation enables peace of mind knowing that the environment that has been created will stay reliable, saving applications unplanned failures. 



With wireless BlueMote™ and an innovative Corrosion Monitoring Solution, the MMT encapsulates a robust environmental sensing platform fit for large data centers looking to reduce energy and increase application uptime. Various environmental sensors outfit a data center floor reporting up to the minute changes and visualized through the MMT software.

Silver Corrosion Coupon

One of the top features of the MMT solution is automation capabilities.  Managers can easily set and secure environmental levels that can be stabilized through HVAC control.  Systems can be triggered through environmental changes and quickly brought back to controlled levels without the need for human control.  These pre-set controls can deter critical moments from impacting applications and help enhance data center operations.


The data center industry is every growing in capacity, application, and use which in turn has produced high energy costs. MMT has potential to reduce some of those heavy costs through system automation and environmental control.  iButtonLink sensors have helped IBM data centers reduce over 53,000 MWh annually, equivalent to powering 5,000 US homes.  The MMT solution can also help data center managers plan for critical moments in a product lifetime, shedding light on when applications may need maintenance. The foresight can prevent massive unplanned failures, keep applications running and clients happy. 

At A Glance 

MMT has helped reduce IBM data center energy costs by 12% annually and over 53,000 MWh. 

MMT can provide automation capabilities needed for constant environmental control. 

Both data center managers and applications can benefit from MMT, through innovative sensor design and reporting to understanding when critical moments may occur.